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KBA ( China ) Introduction

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        KBA ( CHINA ) is  located at Dongguan  as head office in South China . They were established the site there since year 1999 . In the past over ten years , they were build up the service teams and enforce to grow up the customer service all around the whole China for get high customer satisfactory level. Beside of this , their component supporting centre were kept the sufficient spare parts for tackle the urgent case replacement .


Four service teams are leading by two team managers with technical people over 50 to back up all the KBA customers in CHINA  also as far as Taiwan & Hong Kong .

Their service hour is 24 hours on call for help customer to solve printing skill difficulties and machinery problems in time. So this will let customers less worry about the technical problem when they meet the technical problem in case.. Certainly , general spare parts stock keep is also the essential supporting .


In the mean time time , SMG Semigo is cooperated with KBA to develop the sheeter market . It is an opportunity for us to upgrade the customer service target. . .


Expecting we can make you much more satisfy in coming days. 



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