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SEMIGO Graphic Rotary Sheeter Machinery Co. Ltd. is specialized in High Speed Servo Rotary Sheeter ( Cutter ) , was a domestic capital enterprise which are China Hong Kong and Taiwan joint capital, TOPNOTCH Printing Equipment Co. Ltd.was our Hong Kong head office . In year 2004,SEMIGO Graphic Machinery Manufacturer Co. Ltd. liability undertook the technology transfer, “ High Speed Servo System Rotary Sheeter” machine technologies to shift completely to Shenzhen plant, the tripartite union established a develop, production and post-sale service base.

Our objective has been invariable: In order to improve our product line, widely admits the customer opinion, we spent ultimate manpower, physical resource and the time cost attains the goal.

Our product in view of the paper factory and the printing shop. Oversea sales as Middle East district , Russia ,Vietnam , Indonesia , Malaysia , Argentina , Mexico are our current export place . In domestic market , besides of  Guangdong Province  up to,  also sells in distant markets at present to places such as  Beijing, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Liaoning, Henan, Chengdu, Chongqing & Shandong. , the market share to obtain powerfully consolidated, thus verifies us to really have the high quality post-sale service & maintenance team.

SEMIGO Graphic diligently to achieve our prospect: Provides most suitable product and tailor made reasonable solution to our valuable customer.

Our service pledged:

--Our professional team will provide installation set up advices according machine installment to be reasonable, safe, and to mitigate client’s worry with our quality services;

--Provided continues operation training, machinery production in normal condition guarantee;

--The national 24 hours emergency technical support, our technical team will arrives within 6 hours in the Guangdong Province, “anxious customer anxious” is our objective;

--The positive preventive maintenance, service centre will arrange high-level maintenance officer visit regularly, provides professional maintenance and or adjustment scheme instruction according to machine service condition; as well   as preventive action.

All these, are SEMIGO Graphic Machinery Manufacturer Co. Ltd. heartfelt in willing to undertake.

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